FTN recruiting

Hi Crossfire,

Fuck the Nerds/Name are in need of 1-2 players.

We need 1 or 2 players to play with us actively 3on3 as FranceKavinsky is never online and DenmarkOmarsen is nerding LoL.

We are currently playing ESL Summer League and liga4fun. We will be participating in CB summer cup and one day cups too as we are pretty active.

What we expect from you:
Med+ skill
speak United KingdomEnglish
No whiner
Able to give comms
is on xfire or irc.

In short nerds.

United Kingdomclarkee

Denmarkomarsen [ LoL ]
FranceKavinsky [Offline]

We play around 19 to 21 CET everyday.

/q `rAmbo or rAmbo`off @ Quakenet #F.T.N

e: We can only tryout tomorrow as we have 2 offis tonight.


image: day_old_chick_white_background
avi (JJ_RB)
gl F.T.N

gf clarkee
good luck!

avi as backup
change it to f.d.p. would be most of awesomeness :>>
We play around 19 to 21 CET everyday. oO?

Ok 19 pro life ;-) guys
its not like u need 5 guys for CB SC
avi as bu
gl clarkeem8 !
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