RtCW 10 y anniversary cup opens!

Ja, meine soldats! The RtCW 10 year anniversary cup has offically been opened! You can now signup with your team on ClanBase.


I've also made a Twitter account in which i give quicker and shorter updates about.. things :-)

Avi, pm me if anyone is interested.
I'm avi for this cup :)
if you need to patch for server side that allow players even from 1.4 to play withour cd key pm me :)
pm me w/ that, was looking for that for a while
no problem now give me ip of server ;d;d
had one but can't put it online for some reason :p should contact server host
anyway a ghost deleted my rtcw folder !
Have to install the game again
make a proper newspost outta this (maybe after SAGE lan is over) you bastard!

also, don't forget that updates on newsitems are more necessary than ever.
Ill make a press release after SAGE then ;-)
Avi, got key, pm me if anyone is interested.
avi, dont know obj!
Deeay (ex iTG/TSN)
WarWitch (ex TSN)

oh boy, really looking forward to hear warwitch again
me 2 :-) I speak regulary with mr WarWitch. He's gonna get married on 11,11,11 ;-)
avi, dont know obj!
avi, no key though
available as lt/med
10y ??
OMG! :)
trading 3 rtcw keys , pm if interested. accepting moneybookers and maybe some invites
I could host 2 servers for the cup for teams to use.
If somebody has a total package for me to download, for setting up the server map/config/osp/nocdkey wise
awesome, keep me up to date about that!
I have most files, just need a good up to date server config. The ones i find are pretty old and i am not sure if they are update settings wise, if you have good standard server config, send me pm. And if there are other configs used next to the server config let me know.
<== pm me if you need the no cd key patch
avi for it :-)

just need install it again :-)
never played rtcw mp
99% sure im shit
can practice muchos

avi !!! pm me here :p
avi for a team!
avi if some1 need an ownzor player
new voting pool up and allowing NA teams.
rules about servers and game times vs. NA teams?
they need to adjust to .eu. Simple as that, no concessions.
I am avi for a team.

I must say it was very very very long time ago i played a scrim or match, so I have forgotten the most tactics, but i quick gotrough would refresh my memory, I am a quick learner.

This would be very fun, reminds me of the good old times :)
RTCW is now 6 euros on steam
Sounds cool, got some probs loading the cb site - any teams signed yet?
15 teams, but mostly random teams i've never heard of
got enough, but your always welcome to be backup
you never know when we need a good panzer ;)
So... any news on this cup ?
I cried a little.... :'(
Sorry to hear this cup never happened. I just now saw this post. It was a splendid idea and brought a huge smile to my face. Has it been 10 years allready? Creds to you insomnia for giving it a go. Hopefully someone will let someone of the old clan SnapS know if there is any other tournament in the makings.
hahaha good old times! :)

ins hoe is ie met jou dan? :P
will start doing this now.. thanks for helping me! Kola
will start doing this now.. thanks for helping me! Kola
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