epic brinkfail

as someone said, epic would be an epic fail
yesterday they annunced the big changes they will make

They will make a pink weapon, make more flowers in the maps, and add birds to the sky (its not what they said but they have same function of the changes: NOONE)


Brink is dead..
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Just shows how little SD actually knows about anything going on in the world of competetive gaming or probably gaming in general, looking at the server statistics. I just wonder why they haven't gone bankrupt yet, seriously. In most other industries your company would be gone for producing faulty products over and over again.

Imagine a BMW without a steering wheel. Oops, we forgot that, will implement that in some months, brb taking a nap...
Well the game sold pretty well imo but after all I think that Brink is the last SD title
Imagine a Toyota without working breaks. Oops, we forgot that, will implement that in some months, brb taking a nap..

same EA with Bad Company 2 fail so hard

e. Daimler 4 the win
i like the comments on the board, should find the news post on cf where every person was hyping on it and compare, dont forget the popcorn

any idiot with more than half a braincell would have seen this coming
Quote by mtvmBrink is a underestimated game that has greatest potential after q3.

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And i still think it but brink's proble are brink's devs that dont know what people want and they aren't so modest to say "ok people dont like our tastes, let's listen and restart for good"
the fact that brink does have potential has nothing to do with SDs fail...
It does have potential but not if it stays as it is atm..
you still butmadd because you bought the game..
to late to fix brink. Should have done all this at the start when there was 17,000 people wanting to play it. To late to fix the game its dead.

It was a great game just needed the fixes and a mod earlier.
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