ant1y avi

Hello Im searching a team for the summercup. I am willing to play in just ladders to but if so it must be guys I know and I would prefer you to atleast be med/+. I wont be attending any lans as im still getting back into playing games again and I have just left sixthform and want to move on really and get a job etc So times could be hard soon ( if I ever find a job pretty hard )

-No New projects:
-Must speak England
msg me here or at /q ant1y` /antOFF
gl michael : )
gL, good player :)
gl noob :P
gl, though at least med+, sup :D?
-No New projects:

Too bad.
if it was you I would make an exception<3
serverstealer :D

but et = new projects
depends who it is really.
gl :D!
gl mate!
gl :) and yet again sorry for the ego quit my team did, you guys played well!
:D Carried in all wars today <3
too bad i had 250- 300 ping :P
gl ant1ym8
guut luck
gl skilled one
gl michael :) :D !
gl good player :)
gl! :)
gl ant1y m8
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