Sound delay in ET

Hello everyone

I have problem with sound ;< I have 0.5 - 1sec delay when I'm playing
It's really annoying .

I use win xp sp3, 7:1 HD Audio VT1708S, AMD Phenom x2 3.30ghz, 2gb ram

Sound drivers are fine i check it, reinstall sound drivers and ET doesn't help. I set sound_megs 32/64 it doesn't help too

Does anyone have solution for that problem?
not enough memory maybe
Never buy motherboard with VIA Audio Chipset !
sup with it? had it for 4 years, never had any delays nor any other complications
get a soundcard
What the nerd said.
sound is for nerds.
its ur brain that delays
I think that your sound is delayed by 0.5 - 1sec when you're playing
ping ftw
pic or never happened
put off your synthesizer if you cant put the delay to 0
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