Are you the one?

Merlinators second movie and a sneak into one.soldiers players ;).

Put together in a few days and a little rushed to get into the contest in time but still worth a watch if you like rtcw movies :).
d/l ing

lookin forward to it
lovely frags

had to laugh at the jump scene xdddddd

well done big merl
as i already told to chronos, the editing & the quality sucks but the frags are a pur ownage
what editing? there is none ;) I didnt have time sadly- if I did my full plan I would have been in contention for an upset perhaps.

quality sucks? its practically ingame quality - and the frags are average tbh (except the reused ones), best frags are held back for our team movie/personal stuff.

sound was messed aswell, but 45 mins before the deadline I thought fix the sound or upload it now and be a valid entry. ;)

next movie should be better, thanks for the positive critism and feedback, appreciated.
really nice movie/frags and motion blur gg
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