Mobile for WiFi

Looking for a cheap mobile thats able to make a Wifi point where i can connect with my laptop.
(Dont recommend dongles plz)

htc desire :O)
is that cheap ? No.
google , u'll find something.
any blackberry
samsung wave or any other kind of mid-range smartphones
try a dongle
mobile isnt avi in winter10_5 config
for nothing rises the sun
nokia e5 isnt that expensive
any old htc :x
any Sony Ericsson
samsung chat :P
Is the only reason you're buying this phone to share a 3G connection with your PC?

Not sure about the UK, but in Estonia there are internet-sticks, basically a stick that can be attached by USB that has a sim card in it and can access the 3G network = internet.

As for phones, shouldn't every android phone be able to do that?
In france we can't use our phone as wifi point because governemen can't make money on it -.- It's so stupid :x
iphone 4
about 90% of phones can do that now, u can get 1 easily for 50 pounds..
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