Revoltados *Update*

The clan has now lasted 2 weeks and is still alive!


Yes, the ET squad of Portuguese Multigaming Clan Portugal Revoltados eSports is still recruiting!

So much recruiting has passed my and Kevs e-life away that we forget our own identities. We now have a squad of 6 players, which consists of;

England Sheep
Belgium KeViN
Belgium guest
Finland Juhis
Finland crew
Finland Reikkeri
France vizZ

Trials are still going on for that all important place of RIFLE. if there is anyone out there who thinks they can put the last sandwich into our picnic bag, we are on our way to having a feast! if any of you guys are interested in helping us complete our lineup, pm either me or Kevin here at Xfire, or in #ReV.eSports at Qnet.

Thanks for your reading time sexy biatches!
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