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After countless of journals having their comments section practically flooded by needlessly high-resolution pictures (not to mention the idiots like Razzah who post dozens of completely unrelated images/gif animations to random journals in a pathetic attempt to be funny), I think it's time to say something.

Could we please have restrictions to the usage of the [img] -tag? Here are my suggestions:

~ Make it check the resolution of the embedded images in comments before posting - if any one of them exceeds, say, 1500 pixels in any dimension, don't embed them (instead, give the user an error, telling that their images are too large, and instructing them to resize them to smaller proportions)
~ Make it also check the filesize before someone comes up with embedding a bunch of 100mb gif animations (or regular pics for that matter) somewhere
~ Do not allow more than, say, two or three images per comment. Opening posts could have more images, but the resolution rules would apply to them, too.
~ Cupcakes are awesome (this just here because a list with three entries is no proper list)

Also, repeated journal derailing is unfunny. This isn't a funny images website, so the least people could do is make their own journals to post their junk in.
inb4 comments filled with funny cat pictures
nice to see that someone still cares about our beloved community!
I'm waiting for the guy which is going to spam this journal full of the most idiot gifs now.
(+1500pixels each prefered.)

could just make images hidden by default til you click on something
This is a hide function :D
no shit sherlock, want a cookie?
sensz :o) long time no speak, still remember rolling a2o in that 3v3 where they were unbeaten? ;)
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I've once written a greasemonkey extensions for firefox that did exactly that (hides all images, and substitutes them with a link that opens them on top of a page) ;) Still using it here, especially when browsing cf in a nsfw locations.
makes sense :p
goto browser options and change it from somewhere there to not show images :PDPDPDPDP
i also have an idea to make et more interesting

il just give an example
we are playing supply, and the round time is 5mins, we get the flag in 1min, that means 4mins are on the clock, additional 8mins are granted because we did reach the obj in time, it takes us 5mins to get the depo gates and 3more mins are added, and so on for all other maps.

Its like whenever u reach a certain obj/chepoint the time is added to the game
5min fullhold at flag np :)

not rly 5min at first stage but that was just an example :)
There is something like that on MLB Daybreak afaik :P
that was everywhere like 12years ago
you mean like assault mode in UT?
actually i wouldn't mind that for certain maps -.-
15 min flaghold is just boring for everyone, viewers defenders and attackers... would actually in that case like to see the team being put to 2nd stage when the time is up
wouldn't work in competitive modes though
nice stealing hirntot :D
the images are auto sized? oO
it is as Burneddi said
then smthn is wrong with my browser :)
Yeah, but that's done with CSS, so it loads the full-sized picture and then resizes it. So you will see the unresized picture until it is completely loaded (at least this is how it works on Firefox and Chrome, dunno about Opera). They're also resized based on width, not height, so very long images can and will stretch the length of the page to ridicilous dimensions, making scrolling down a bother.

This wouldn't be a problem otherwise, but when a pic is like 4000px*3000px in size, it's usually also large in filesize. Seeing that many pictures used on this site are uploaded to crappy and slow upload services such as imageshack, it takes ages for them to load completely - and during the time they aren't fully loaded, you'll see them taking up all the space they would if they weren't resized. Just try scrolling through any journal with a fuckton of unscaled image replies (such as this wallpaper journal) and you'll see what I mean - the page "jumps" around as images are done loading and are resized and it is troublesome to browse.

Also, if you're on a phone or a netbook that runs out of memory fast, it gets extremely sluggish because of these large images. I doubt you can practically even view that wallpaper journal I linked on a netbook, for instance.
Dunno why but doesnt happen to me on chrome :o And this is the least of all things in crossfire that bother me.
it doesnt happen to anyone
The only way I can think of this *not* happening is by not seeing the images in the first place.
Why on earth you care
I don't mind them. Used to bother me when I had a slower connection but not anymoar. ;)
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wow i rly give a shit about ur poste
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lol fucking nerd member since 5 years we really care about your poste
and i shit on u mister !
Are you really 34?
image: LOL7

I'm with you bro...
The journals are generally loosely-moderated. It's basically the busiest section of this site and I think the main reason for that is because the freedom it gives people. Of course, the level of freedom is within reason and any truly offensive stuff is removed so long as an admin spots it or if it's reported by another user.

To me, this site is simply an ET news site with an off-topic forum section labeled as journals. Hopefully 4.0 change the site's dynamic for the better!
Loosely moderated shouldn't equal spamming tolerated.

Besides, it isn't as much of a moderation policy issue as it is a web design issue. A page with tens (or in the worst cases, hundreds) of full-size pictures is simply extremely annoying to view. I'm not primarily against the whole funny picture thing, I'm simply against doing it to such extents that it basically ruins journals. Here's an example.

And yeah, I know you're not the right person to complain about this to, but I really have no idea who's in charge of the web design of the site so maybe you could put the word forward?
No design or feature will be changed on this site until 4.0.
So add it on the suggestions list for 4.0 then ;P
why would you?

I love this community for their funny images sometime :-)
I didn't propose removing the pictures, just limiting their maximum size and the maximum amount of pictures in one comment.

This is for usability's sake, because a lot of large pictures on a single page make it really awful to browse. And large pictures linked on this site are redundant anyways seeing that they will be autoscaled to fit the 600-700px space reserved for the comments. They're just slow to load.
you got a point.
Quote(not to mention the idiots like Razzah who post dozens of completely unrelated images/gif animations to random journals in a pathetic attempt to be funny)

Indeed ! Very pictures are funny, but not razzah
99% of the community likes me

so why hatin?
Glad I'm part of the 1%
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