Brink DLC now available for free

Go and get it as long it is FREE!

It adds 2 maps, more perks and should raise the level cap to 24.
Thanks for reminding me that I have to uninstall that shit
That, sir, looks disgusting and not cute at all
looks half like you bruv
i loved brink - but started not to play when i see all zeh empty servers and no wars/clans out there :(
The release of this DLC has been as successful as the game itself.
Finally, been waiting this for ages.
i dont take that there is a SDK included?
downloadable content
so it´s dead...
Reinstalling to see what its like :)
ATI videocard lagg fixed?
I just went on, must say its much better now. bayonette is cool. I used to get 20-40 fps with this nvidia card, now I get 60 stable. they seem to have fixed the fps lags atleast.
yes there is a hotfix
At least for me the game is much smoother. New maps and abilities seem cool.
new maps are VERY COOL, bayonettes are cool too.
now there are around 2200 players playing brink
the game is gonna revive as long as they make fast a promod.
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