Korean moviemaker needs demos

...not Korea, Republic of quaky, though.

so I'm gonna finish my military duty very soon(in 2 weeks), I need some demos to make a movie. it's some kind of a community movie but I don't really mind your nationality or something. basically I'll accept demos from everyone and I'll just see the frag itself. and of course it'd be preferred if the opponent is known enough. that's all i will check out.

although I'm planning to make mine with leftovers, but as soon as i finish that, ill make this one. so feel free to send yours to

theagera at gmail dot com

or pm.

and you can check my previous movies in my profile. those movies were released @ 2009 so I'm pretty sure my next movies will be improved a lot.


ReMinD cuz u love the wc3 player?
No. I took it from an American B-Boy called remind. I had no idea the wc3 player uses exactly same nick with mine at that time. even the capital. and that's why I dont use it anymore :>
gl mate!
Good luck! (o^-')b
remind <3
sup sup
do u like dogs?
nice, gl Agera [x
gl, did you look for me through your own demos yet? :)
I will, im in ma home now :p last vacation
alright, PM me if you found smth pls :)
nice, will give u some demos 8)
Agera fighting
I love Nuggan's minimovie, GL man!
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