leito needs moviemaker

Hello everybody !
I'm looking for a moviemaker to make me my second movie.

I quit ET 3 years ago because of my too old computer and I m doing a little come back at the moment with the arrival of my new computer.

I m looking for a moviemaker to make me a movie whith my old frags : rifle, smg, knife, etc
It wont be a very long one but against good teams such as national teams and other med+ teams I will say.
It will be pleasant to find someone, because I really enjoy watching my old movie and would like to do the same thx to you maybe ? :)

"obviously obvious" (starring Timoun & myself) :


I know I m not that famous and not any more good as before (I know i sucked and I still sux thx :p)
My clan history is in my profile and I hope to get some pm..
Have a good day
He appears in this movie too:

GL leito! Welcome back buddy! :D
GL leito ! nice frags
Lieto on Suomen kunta, joka sijaitsee Varsinais-Suomen maakunnassa.
gl, rixensart ftw :D
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