The Party 5 Team

Hi! Europe paparazzi is gathering up players to attend The Party 5 LAN in Eindhoven, NL!

U need to be:
* Skilled, kind and mature
* Able to go to the LAN on 20/21/22 April
* Able to pay the entrance fee yourself (you can sleep there for free)
* Able to take your pc with you

Lineup so far:
Netherlands aphesia
Germany asmogan
Netherlands NxM

If you're interested pm asmogan{ or vib|NxM on please!
GL i shall look if i can be there @ that time :P
take meh !
i am highskilled let me go! i live in enschede woopwoop!
I'm also avi , if i can't go with DOT :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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