buja avi as designer

Im new on crossfire but what i noticed is that here is alot of ugly logos. Im here to help you with that.

Can do almost everything that can be done with Illustrator and Photoshop including:

website layouts

If your intrested then contact me via pm or /q bp\buja on #blackpoint and i can show you some of my previous works. Price is depending on logo/project.

Since many here want to see some of my works i put together a small showcase for this site. It will include only latest logos because bigger things (layouts, resumes etc) wont fit in this site). Also note, that all of those logos arent used (fe noidea gaming logo).

image: logo_showcase

Best regards,
show some of ur works maybe :)
Some of em are on my deviant but i dont feel like sharing it here. :> But if someone is really curious, then you can contact me and i can show you some.
Im curious, so plz send me ur best work @ cf pm :P
give me too :)
Can't understand why you'd want work and not show previous work
Well as I said, i will show previous work but privately. I thought it will be easier than making showcase for this site but apparently im wrong since so many people just want see it, i will resize&post some of stuff ive done soon enough.
Everyone here is hungry, feed us!
I hope this will satisfy your hunger.
very nice designer :) nice works :)

welcome here on cf ;)

would be nice if you can show us some examples...
Go away noob, no need noobs like you here, noob.
Do what samAel said, noob!
Says the one who failed multimedia on school. :>
Hahahaha fu :D
show some examples, would help you a lot right here on cf i gues.
I'm not sure of which logo's and design you were speaking but I believe crossfire itself gets a new and fresh design in the coming CF4.0.

You will regularly see people looking for a designer here though. They do want the service for (almost) free.
True, already had a experience with that.
Added logos. Comments and constructive criticism is welcome.
I must say those look slick and professional.

It's just an idea but you could alos focus on a more local market. If you create a nice website for your self where you can display some work and then promote it at some local companies I think you'll find some that are interested.

Well you are right, but thing is that i can design, but i have almost no knowledge in business and how to get deals and so on. If somebody here has experience with those matters and want to team up, then contact me.
About portfolio site, there is no point to create it yet since im not that good designer plus id need coder for it.
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