ska needs moviemaker

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ps. I won't pay you! :)
gonna be one of the best
gl skiller :)
Quoteps. I won't pay you! :)

il do a fraps movie np
gl, almost impossible nowadays tho ;>
cheatermovie :)
sick skillz
myslalem ze w belgii jestes :XD
if i had really enough motivation to run sony vegas + new ideas (not possible for me, its not cod4/cs also to sync every fucking bullet rotfl) + time this year in school, why not

its just about that i dont know how community will react since movies for 80% viewers must be in fredd style, ye i can admit that im pissed off kinda with opinions, for example after fanatic's movie - i did [in my opinion ofc :D] good frag highlights + hitsounds with simple editing, zero shit playing with velocity/slowmo etc, still half of ppl dont want to see it.

take a look at jadol's - short, but when everyone saw 'freddish style', it was good. hadnt see 'weak' opinion about it. interesting isnt it

anyways, i was thinking long time ago to write column about moviemaking, getting talks with some experienced and less moviemakers + random viewers (blame my motivation and english skills), its still interesting what ppl like nowadays when back to 2006-7 (this year discovered et, blame me) i remember lagging evolution 800x600 screen did a great job, noone whined about hannes funny look in zaigon caused by r_mode 8 or higher (i can be wrong there). even lettu did great success with his own fraghighlights on normal ingame configs without huds + everyone enjoyed ALNC movie with r_picmip 3 (fucking rotfl).

i dont also admit that im one of best moviemakers overthere (because im not, simply) just like i said before im pissed off kinda with opinions and i dont know what ppl will expect after dabster's movie, seems default popups can be a newold trend (":D")

enough of that piece of shit, i bet even you wont read it replying to me 'tl;dr'
your movies were fine and i enjoyed ska / fanatic movie.. they are not a top movie for sure, but it's enjoyable which makes your time worth it ;)
nice to hear D:
nah i read it :p

just make your own style/movie, ppl will like, ppl will hate it. you always have that..

& maybe you should rather make a movie of a famous/loved player instead of old ska : )

famous/loved player u say, hm. lets take a good example - mAus movie by samael :D hope u know what im talking about

name/player isnt everything, just look ska - wasnt his movie a good promo for him? he is still most underrated polish aimer for me, but anyways he had chance to play in nationscup. another example in same case Woody and nothing more by requem ;)

but ye lets go with another example when ati does his 12837138712 mins old movies, its so boring to watch 20 mins of rifle sprees (only one enjoyable was hayaati, because of all hayaa's headshots), still ppl love it because of his nickname. so in this case name and lama matters

to opinions - i made few movies and looking after reviews i dont know how ppl would react on new movie since i would use polish rap, but im 100% sure that i would get flamed because its polish (but hey, u listen to text of that or watch synced frags with music). when sample used random finnish song, ppl said nothing. its sample and u cant say bad word about this
do what you feel like! care opinions from others.
+ next thing that frags from 5on5 dont have 'something' like frags coming from 6on6 (fucking spam!)
I know that feel gresziek, i know that feel! Its just unlikable to get to everyones critics. I mean, some people only look to the name, and thats it. Likeyou say, people enjoy sample and alcn shit movies, with mixed frags, and they bash saMael because its samael (ok, it was a piece of shit though).

I mean, wtf. rating random r_picmip 3 frapsterpieces over movies where makers took rly much time in it. Why is that?

Its so fucking random, and so fucking annoying. I guess if you build up a bad name, or started up bad, you will never do any good.
+ fucking one mate

imo swietnym przykladem jest to gowno quakiego (z calym szacunkiem dla fragarea 3) co wydal ostatnio...
fanatic the movie is one of my all time favorite fragmovies :P
Sick playah
one of the very few polish etplayers that actually has good english :p
good player
nice player :) good luck
Polandgrzesiek !
gl mate ;)
lan frags?
afaik he was on 2 lans already
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