Uteoz avi

Hi ho!

2 weeks max? That's me.
I'll be starting my studies in late august but until then I'll be quite active. I can speak Finland, United Kingdom, Sweden and some Germany.

3on3 / 5on5? Both great, don't really care which one the clan prefers.

skill: I'm about med now
former clans: creatures of the night, turbot
classes: I'm at my best as a medic / rifle / smg engi.

Some not so random videos:

http://www.own3d.tv/video/50268/KRP_MOVIE_3 (03:30 ->)
http://www.own3d.tv/watch/16747 (this bug is possible to be redone, but it's damn hard to do it in any other way than by accident)
http://www.own3d.tv/watch/16748 (this one was done back in 2007, far before ati's videos :p)

PM here or @ IRC => Uteoz

Flame on!
GL dude, i'd be up for some 3on3s if you get the time :)
gl, but I think you just revived that one medic who also was trying to revive the third one.. at least it looks like in the slowmo..
Correct, I strongly recommend to read the video description.
+ The animation of both medics coming up happens _exactly in the same time_ =)
Heard he is professional birdwatcher!
That's true, in a way. Where did you get this kind of information :D?
Good luck!
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