7ele avi

avi due to g2p polak inactivity. don't know if they want to continue with the team later. So i'm avi for atleast 1-1.5 month until g2p continues playing (or permanent if g2p folds).

same as usual:

loyal, reliable & motivated.
i can play 2-3 times a week.

pm me here or contact me (g2p`7ele) @ #g2p
u must be new
he is med- soldier smg
Gl 7ele mate <3
gl mate :)
hes rambo, and always killstealing. In 6o6 he plays landmines only, then hides around the corner and shoots its against the wall killing himself and 1 opponent.

dont take him, just dont do it.
forgot to add, he backstabs and doesnt know where his pliers are (except when they come out after his landmine bind)
Woody,I know what are you talking about:(
7ele trolls himself and enemies with rilfe:(
how does he troll?+
I walked in Goldrush,then I saw some long rifle out of the door.
At start I was like,oke again Xylos.
I walked there,then I saw a trollface(obv 7ele) and there was pheeeeew,powww,medic!
Indloon was killed by 7ele's rifle granade
7ele eated pizza with rifle granade.
And it all happened in 1 sec:(
This is how he trolls:(
kas sa oled enda arust naljakas? :D
Niisama kirjutan,elukogemusi oi kui palju:D
gl telem8 :)
seriously whats up with this "pro" attitude. stay there or leave. good idea to join some scrub team and have them find a new player after 1.5 months cuz you're serious gamer? and you call yourself loyal haha. would never take a player like you but i guess there's enough suckers who'd love to have u even for a short while
Professionality is overrated these days I see
tbh, he played with us for nearly 2 years.. i call him pretty stable.

apart from some small lan projects etc.
kapoks/massive 4 years :x
you got a wrong opinion about him then mate, he is a nice guy and never backstabbed as far i know, he was always on pracc times and always up for some talks :D, and 7ele would never leave a team when he gets a better offer.

best of luck 7ele ;)
Many dutch nerds replying to you, i feel ya x
Thats what happens when you post something stupid

successfully troll is successfull
dumbass fuck
he's not backstabbing anybody, he just doesn't want to wait 1.5 month to be able to play with a team again. He's actually looking for a merc-team only on my advice since we're verry unclear about numeric's intentions in 1.5 month. So nice comment about him not being loyal...
gl 7elephant
gl mate :)
good luck mate <3
gl mate
join #saiko as a fops, we have Rockskin and Tw1zZt!
aw fuck you will get too strong :]
Will be an amazing team indeed :)
good training for us <3
gl jongetje
gl 7ele. amazing rifle :)
gl 7ele mate :)

Best of luck <3
gl annoying rifle!<3
gl gM.7ele
Good luck Nick ! (:
why are you so cool?
omg rock, i never noticed how brown your tongue is:O
if he replied to me, i wouldve said give some of that to demzor


brb playing alien-pew-pew-laser games
gl schatje
gl Tele! Best of luck mate!
gl awesome rifle :)
gl m8 <3
get a team for my cup!
Gl mate <3

Best Rifle u can get
gl sletteke <3
I cant belive so many negative comments on 7ele...
Are we talking about the same guy ?

Best Geleuk, you deserve a good team : Pro Rifle, Good team mate, Good coms and nice guy in general.

I guess the haters are just jealous...
I agree with Tesla ;)
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