Revolver-hero search skilled players for 6on6 lineup

we looking for:

high advanced Enemy Territory players with much experience(smg players engi. fo.medic.)

Your age is not important, but we don't like retards and disabled persons.

Your country has to be in EU. Turkey's are welcome aswell.

Your language .... you should be able to express what you mean in wars. Best would be german or english.

for test games pm me(irfan112) in @ Q-net

We are very aggressive players, we like drugs, nudes and violence, we like to

flog noobs and steal the PC's from retards on LAN's and we don't search friends in net.

our skill is godlike !!
QuoteYour age is not important, but we don't like retards and disabled persons.

why is joke playing ?
Quote06.03.07 18:38h irfan112 change_name choosen

Strafpunkte (12) Derzeit wegen zu vieler Strafpunkte in allen Ligen gesperrt.
verfällt am 01.03.09
12 Punkte Cheating
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sowas aber auch
junge bist du witzig alda, scheiss zigeuner, pass auf dass du nich gefickt wirst
ja das macht sinn, das wird es gewesen sein!!11
oder doch hax???
agressive players?
omg take me!!!!
gl irfan :)
I loled.
Your 'Enter' key seems to be malfunctioning.
gl Irfan
lol u got busted :x
nah just "high advanced Enemy Territory players" xD
low+ max.
loled @ high
gl timberlake [ o /
will i get HAX if i join???
Actually I dont know if i should laugh or whine. There comes up a post that says: We search some players.
OFC some noobs come and just do some random flaming as it is tradition on crossfire. Best example is seqju.
Further there are some guys crying: Not high. In fact all these people have no skill theirself and thats the way dealing with it. has some1 ever heard of NxM?? Admin w/o style and no ingame skill can judge? I will forget about him asap. vegi might be the only1 high, who responded yet but he only flames cauz he is not as necessary for rH as he would like to be. he thought after he left nothing would work.. proven wrong.
Same with jok3 who is ex-member and left cauz he had fear ppl would think he hax. Now he feels egoboosted and spams (what else would you expect?).
But afterall the best are the guys crying: haaax!!!
The group of ppl saying that changed in the last time. before it was every1 cauz it seemed 2 be so real and easy: they hack so they are out of our way.
But now that there are no proofs and some attempts have been proven fake ppl start to shut up. only noobs who didnt follow the story and dont have a clue are still writing and actually believing it.
What about a new attitude?? why not ginving new players chances. you dont know em, for real. you CAN NOT! so what? you are sure every1, you dont know and did not register on crossfire and put his oppinion to every shit he can not talk about, gotta hack. and why is that? cauz the established "skillers" fear the competition. they are accepted as the best and dont really have anything to do to keep the hype alive.
But i guess things are going to change. All the current "pr0s" will be beaten soon. and open your mind and think before you cry: haaaack!
It should not be en vogue to talk shit about others.
Its my opinion actually i dont care what u gotta say, cauz it will be 90% or more flame.
PS: Just to make sure: i did not say i am skilled. i did not say any1 knows me. I just decribed the process of ET beeing killed in my eyes and all you wnbs thinking its high time.
PPS: why is rH not high? every1 is med+ these days so a clan with a history gotta be HIGH!!!!111
=> think about it
their not whining bout ur skill, only about ur hax. dont tell them not to whine if u hack, if you hack you have to live with whine :>
I am glad i never cheated and did not see anything within the 3years i play with the basic rH. cant rly tell but i, myself, dont take me as imporant enough to judge players with more skill than me.
noone wants to join your clan emos -_-
die meisten kommen aus zonguldak :)
braucht ihr noch nen med+/high manager? :D

gl <3 jok3 addnan irfan cria !!

cool guys, egal was stimmt
gl hätt ich ne chance würd ich mich selber melden xD
Hatte ich nicht schoneinmal erwähnt das die ET scene immer rechter wird??

hier ist wieder mal so ein Beweis von:

Vorurteilen und Schwachmatensprache!!

geh nach hause du pisser man
fireball is selber türke du hoden, der darf sowas sagen :>
ask slajdan who is mti||
Quotedu fisch wer sagt das es 3 türken gibs ...

Leider muss ich dir da zustimmen.. auf deutschland bezogen
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