TZAC - COD2 testers needed

If you have COD2 and some spare time:
Nice, keep it going. ;)
alright, I'm in!
maybe now there wont be so many cheaters in it? gogo chaplja
it's nice to see some new games supported but we're still waiting for the linux client which would be released last year...
I explained it already so many times.. I can't do it now. If SL continued supporting me like they promised, I'd develop the linux client right away because I wouldn't depend on the amount of users. The only way for me to earn some revenue from the anticheat is by having more and more users...
I can see ur point, but eventhough linux will just bring a few more users now it might be good to have a linux client early so u dont have to think about it later and you'll be one of a kind. There isn't any good AC yet on linux, might give u chances to use tzac commercial.

Now tzac is getting bigger (supporting other games) I think it's the best time to release the linux client. But thats just my pov. And ofc most people are using windows but it would be really nice to see a linux client.
avi to test et if u unban me
It felt so good to know that I had a great company to call. They help a lot, thank you mold testing los angeles ca
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