zZz multiclasser


We (Denmark Sleeperz) are planning to play the upcoming 6v6 OPENCUP.
We'd be in need of 1 more multiclasser to finish our LU.

-I'd prefer if you were some kind of "experienced" 6v6 player (oldschool 6v6 player, making comeback ?).

-We would be praccing 2-3 times MAX a week.

-Would be great if u played with any of us before.

LU; w3st,griim,shiim,pr3d & Lazio

contact = PM @ Crossfire
gl but who is shiim and pr3d?
2 "new" players that haven't played in a real online competition yet.
gl swimming pool dodger :SSSSSS
good luck!
tace? d2f? capo?

gl boys and girl <3
how about this finnish powner called niko?
whos he? sounds like some low cunt
he played lan tho?!
i heard he did
gl griim & pr3d. :) btw, me. !
Shiim/Pr3d ? OpenCup? Can't follow, gl tho !!
sup with eirik? :(
take me :-)))
i dont know him, but take him
We're are ":D"
me ofc pfft :D
take Germany TimeN
good luck mates ;)
stownie i think ur the man for this job :O
OW 2 much win here so no gl needed! u'll get a hf instead! ;D <3333
gl meights and aleks!
Me? lololol
avi, but dave homo
Me best fop :)
My back hurts from all the stabbing.
gl fags
oh thanks lazio
where is fryzer and fisken

Sleeperz without them isn't sleeperz sorry , build with another clan name
euhm, think u mean xcon ? Fryzer & fisken were never in zZz, except fryzer had a short moment with us last season, for like 2 months or smth.
The only guys i saw in zZz is xcoN , fryzer & fisken Denmark at least :D
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