dexter avii

» speak United Kingdom english and a little France french
» am avi 2-3 days a week. maybe 4 if i like to play with you
» used to play against med+
» am medic-smgeng and maybe 2nd fops
» play et for almost 6 years

ex clans: Europe h2o ; Europe a.ToOn Invictus ; Poland JustFIRE ; Europe Aimerz.. and others are in my profile

About you
» its a plus if you have an own server and ts3/vent3
» play 2-3 days a week
» prefer if you already have 3-4-5 players. dont want to play with 15 players in two days
» aiming for oc prem or ec!!

pmme here or /q dxtr` / dxtr`` @
gl Morgan
First you should make some kind of name for yourself by destroying insane players on random wars, in my opinnion 3on3 is the best way to annoy known players and make them remember you (or make so called stars rage on public, its fun), so you will get offers from teams with good players, aka not from random highego halfyear experience sh_tfags who "can not into EC" just because they could knife Lepari on *BiO* last year... and i belive 99,9% of time this is enough only for a Premier team, IF its enough! :D

\Not like I ever made it to play, but thats the way u can get it, if you have some kind of talent... :-D\

e: play with abzes, he is nerd enough to be someone once loelo
e: or better choice to mix with superb players and proove your skillZ, GET KNOWN JeSZ

és jobb, ha felkészült rá, hogy kishazánk csodálatos zászlaja miatt elég nagy esély van rá, hogy inkább egy gyengébb játékost választanak nálad, mert például az holland :D
Yes, I know 'known' teams wont EVER ask me to play with them.
de #1 kivel játszak? #2 nemtudok lőni(amúgyse de ilyen egérrel meg főleg) #3 aki előtted írt elég jónak tűnik(nevek alapján) aztán majd meglátom milesz, valószínű utolsó próbálkozásom #4 amúgyis lusta vagyok én már ilyenekhez

thanks Karrrde

utolsó sorhoz már volt szerencsém ":D"
y u mind about this shit? just get fun company, laugh & pwn
crossfire cant handle my writing style. too bad

as I said it will be my last 'serious' attempt, after that I doubt I'll play anymore game. but now this game, IS MY LIFE!
Oke Dexter,dont kill me:(
image: dexter-main
gl !! bazdmeg bazdmeg :D
Take him really good player med+ easy !!
thanks mate :DD
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