Tzac problem

Hi ladies,

i've got a fockin Tzac prob. After visiting tzac website , i noted that :

QuoteEarly version of kernel drivers for both 32bit and 64bit systems have been released, thanks to everyone that helped testing on IRC.

If you get an error message about administrator rights, it is pretty self explanatory, but I'll repeat here as well. An application cannot load a driver without administrator rights, therefore if you're getting an error popup regarding that, start TZAC as an administrator. This is needed once per system boot, i.e. after the driver is loaded, you can start TZAC as normal user again, but after reboot, you will need to start it as administrator again for the first time.

This an early version, the driver does not do much, things will be moved to it slowly as the time goes on.

If you are reporting problems, please mention your Windows version, whether it's 32bit or 64bit edition, running security software, etc.

When i lauch tzac, i receive this error msg :

QuoteCannot load the tzac driver.Please try again or start TZAC as administrator once. This is needed only one time- after the driver is loaded it is not unloaded until you reboot your computer

I have windows xp, and i do right click, execute as administrator but still doesnt work.. fock it. I hope someone can help me ..Thank u in advance <3
OKK it works ! For ppl who have same prob :

-update antivirus
-turn it off
-run slac

have fun
i have the same problem, its just when i load my hax i cant use them
we will continue on pm =D
if you use avast try:

Uninstall TZAC, reboot, instal TZAC again than add to whitelist. You also need to add exception for behavior and file shield to that specific file. With new version of avast you need to turn on expection even for autosand box.

Hope it helps
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