inteRaction need 6th

We, Czech Republic inteRaction are in need of uberskilled 6th.
Nationality doesnt matter as long as you are skilled and can speak english.

Please, when interested, pm me on irc, `iR|Green_Clon.

To prevent flame, backstabber is jalo who is not able to come on praccs supposed to + dodged lan 1day before event.

Random image: memes-sorry-rex
gl guys
jalo is uberhighsuperheroskilled

GL guys
gluck greenclon and denton :-)
karnaj/ohzor4/jalo ?
gl! deserves nice 6th! :)

Did jalo ever play on any lan?
yes, last year on czech one
strange behaviour to dodge 1day before :(
gl greeeniee m8 :)
miss our nubish speed competitions :(
I blame you, I am often avi :(
well, the ladder iz dead :< but we can jump together all the time since I left my 3rd world country work :DDDDD
QuoteTo prevent flame...

why would you do that, lets flame jalo :P
if I didnt write that, I would get 30 messages "who aint playing anymore" "why" "when" "where" "how".... this pretty much says all
that sounds more like spam than flame
reactivate marv.. else take me <X;D
ask Bozar maybe :)
he didnt wanna join us? :<
Jalo was a dmg whore in your team, you need now some good shooter to replace him, GL :)
no czech mys no win
jalo cheater..... knew it
what lan
Czech Republic zajaczek / cpu
jalo is looking for a team or is he too fond with his leanabilities

also, Noah looks a lot like Jesus
no jalo, no win
Quote by GreenClonin need of uberskilled 6th

Bad troll m1ke
milhaus, bad troll :)
best of luck guys :]
Good luck :)
who is Loo?
gl tho mates :)
Czech Republic xEn AVI!
Can speak english, always best dmg, would be nice im avi!
Oh, I feel you. I've been in same situation so many times. Best aimer of team doesn't follow prac times, quits in midle of the game and his behaviour is bad. :S
gl guys, great opponent :)
gl malfoy and milhaus :)
gl nice guyz!
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