Netgamez Predictions anyone?

Ok H2k.Qpad in the final for definate with ixus in the consolation final to face either Adacom or EDiT. Winner of the consolation goes on to play H2k.Qpad in the finals.

Me thinks .... H2k.Qpad vs. EDiT. ixus have a stand in player for the event Netherlands Kasparov which can sometimes pull the team down, so EDiT is my prediction for the final.
Standins usually bring the team down, so I doubt ixus will take it.
Kasparov high skilled russian pro.. he played in teams like suxus before (at the shg as well), imo he is a fine addition
Check6 also. :o The first squad to take down SPEEDLINK properly @ EuroCup XII.
H2K will surprise like their CS team at the Cebit :D
waar zit je scar?
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