My mate has a laptop with windows 7 on it. TZAC sometimes not working -> gray screen when he starts game.

Any solutions?
remove the commad line
i can see a dyndns redirection, did you buy your NAS ? :D
I've built one myself yes :). Had some spare hardware since I had upgraded my system.

CM Elite 333
Antec Basiq BP350
Kingston ValueRAM KVR800D2N5K2/2G
Intel E5500
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 80GB (boot)
3 x Samsung EcoGreen F4EG 2TB (mdadm software RAID-5)
+ a CM 4-in-3 module

Running Debian Squeeze + sabnzbd, sickbeard, couchpotatoe, lamp, etc

Was actually pretty cheap since I only had to buy a PSU + HD's. Does all the work for me when it comes to downloading, and can easily stream HD content. Pretty nice :).
Yay! Good choice idd, do you run WHS 2011? is it nice?
I had a look at your new config, good parts, i just hope your mobo is the b3 version. And you gfx is a bit short fort latest games, otherwise GJ! :]
mooi amateur werk. als je het goed wilt doen..
q zenix

oh wacht :ddddddd
run as admin
Put in some random cmd line
fe. /connect

then it should work np.
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