#OutRaged.et **Updated**


As ive said earlier, OutRaged is searching for a manager to the team.

We do now have 3 guys wanting to take that position, but we wount decide who before atleast thursday or friday.

When it comes to what our manager should handle, ive been thinking abit more, and heres what i would prefer:

*OutRaged is very active, and want to participate in most cups & leagues they can. Your job will be to add us to the cups, and make sure all info needed will be posted.

*OutRaged often gets questions from players who want trial. Your job will be to handle those players, check up theire historie, and see if they will bring the team something the team aint got allready.

*OutRaged players play alot, but aint allways updated on all sites they should be with pb guids, etpro guids, and profiles where that is needed. Your job will be to make sure they gets updated, and have abit control of the players.

*OutRaged does not have any homepage ftm, but we would like to have one with info about the team and the scene. Your job will be to handle this homepage and hopefully you will have the experience to make it. If not, your job will be to get someone handling it.

*OutRaged has several servers they can use, and your job will be to allways keep them updated with map and config changes.. offcorse the CB official configs.

If ur interested, contact Snuble @ #OutRaged.et

Best regards
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