looking for OC clan

Looking for an OC clan with ambition.

I play ET for 3 months now, but played rtcw. Quitted 2,5 years ago and goign to play ET seriously now. Don't know my skill cause i don't play ET that long.

What can you expect from me:

+ good comms
+ kinda mature (20 years old)
+ teamplay > all
+ agressive
+ can speak dutch and english
+ can play multiclass but prefer medic
- sometimes whining if frustrated
- working at nightshift, so i can play till 22:00 / 22:30 at monday/tuesday/wednesday/thursday

What do I want:

* teamplay
* high expectations
* highly motivated
* NL/BE team preferred

- div.eu (ET)
- gmpo AMD (rtcw)
- infensus (rtcw)
- GoL (rtcw)
- KinG (rtcw)
- Epitaph (rtcw)

/q NOMAC at mIRC if you need more info's or just send me a PM.

btw, I <3 hardcore

image: hardcore-1142173662_i_5051
raise ur fist for angerfist!!!!!1 <3
die is pro inderdaad
lol sepje
Bas wie gaat er mee nr pinkpop:-O 14 april nr outblast :) zegt:
» You have been banned from Crossfire.
Reason: Hax

stuur ie net via msn gg
je blijft toch gebanned
angerfist is de man !
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