obviously looking for a team

hi everyone

i'm looking for a team (i prefer speaking United Kingdomenglish on comms) for the upcoming cups n stuff

Some pieces of information regarding my person:

I count enough summers, I paly ET since its release, normally i paly medic but i could also paly leutnant, panzaa or any other class if needed
You can catch up with me on IRC #cpma.et and #quake.ger or msg me on ICQ (UIN 505253)

if you're interested and want to see how i paly, message me and ask for a testgame
more information can be found in my profile

i can offer:
experienced gameplay, skill, fun@comms

i won't play with ppl who are cheating/ red yawn warning
thanks in advance

me wont keep on palying et
me will paly q4 now, cu @ rtcw2
excellent timing ;), big GL mate!
gl raki :>
can recomment him. nice, skilled & stable guy!
Hi Adrian!
Hi Laurens!
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