tzac problem on windows 7

And yes here is another problem :D
I am using windows 7 64 bit home premium now
and if i want to use tzac i can only run it once after that when i start tzac
my ET freezes @ start up

anybody can help?
running as admin? getting raped by firewall? antivirusz?
did all that i installed ET then tzac runned it as adminstrator gave all the rights to the account of my pc firewall doesnt get involved because out of precaution i added ET to the licit list of AVG and i got AVG 2012 so firewall and antivirus are combined
id still turn all of them off and just try, i dont trust firewalls/antiviruses :D
not sure what else to suggest, does it say anything specific when ur ET freezes? might even be something config related
no it just freezes instantly after i click start game @ tzac and i loaded my config in the normal et.exe on my desktop and that is just starting fine and i can play :/
delete AP as xp mode + administrator..disable antivir or allow it + run without etpro ... always works!
btw what is AP ? :O) :PP
not called AP, but is that shit that when u run something it asks "allow or denie"...very sad thing
just need to click tzac no etpro thx man \o/
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