Old RTCW movies

For those that are still interested I found this nice old Panzer movie (love the last clip :) )


Lets share our favourites here and relive the glory days!

Warm regards,
Leider ist dieses Video, das Musik von UMG enthält, in Deutschland nicht verfügbar. Die GEMA hat die Verlagsrechte hieran nicht eingeräumt.
Das tut uns leid.
Quotebest game ever rtcw...

r.i.p. wolf
1.0 public movie! :(
as if a 1.4 public movie would have been somehow better :p
emphasis on the public bit :P

although some of the bits were like 2002 1.4 :D hiding behind the pillars on beach handing out ammo as lt! :D
nice graphics

e; 12man panzer.....................
no just 6 kills + their gibs
I now know why they called it "The Last Panzer"...
that's not old
not as old as http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTzzz101r8A

but i'd never seen it and it made me smile
yes, because its new :p from 2009 or something
ok maybe not a classic but i wanted to share this movie as it made me smile :)

Post some of your favourites!
woot :D thanks for that link!!
My favourite RtCW movie : The GMPO "Road To Quakecon" (2003) produced by Veracious (Vesa Nieminem (spelling perhaps wrong?) - though this is partially due to evoking my own emotional experiences of the tournament, and partly due to it being awesome!
yea demos from older 1.0 times but just made 09.
i was gona make a thread but thought it may turn into a 1.0v1.4 flamer.
1.0 is still somewhat alive and starting 1.0 community vid
atm got top 1.0 players in, am wondering if guys like u twister and others who play 1.0 would wana send in some demos from last cups or anytime if u have any.
i dont really know who to ask
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