mutzi and vollmich search clan

after threats of torture (and murder) i finally decided to post this in order to save my very life:

Germanymutzi and Germanyvollmilch search clan

Both of them are looking for a very active Germanyyerman only clan as they are as well.
The two rate themselves as med skilled backing this up with the history of having played for the likes of eclipse and sixx. Mutzi on the one hand is medic only whilst vollmilch is able to play medic and smg eng.

another thing i was forced to say is that they have a decent connection and are afraid of paying for servers et cetera.

contact: 266874781

so long
vollmilch??? not rly. pls

anyway gl guys
LOL ihr und med?
wir haben gegen euch gespielt ihr sucht "low+" selbst das war zu hoch und dann kicken wegen pwn naja sucht lieber in da werdet ihr eher was finden!

wnb med!
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