Never had 125 FPS


My friend Mr X got a problem with gettin stable 125 FPS.
Read this conversation:

Mr X: k srsly i need some help
Mr X: or im qutting fkin et
Newbie: what
Mr X: ive never had stable 125 at all times in all maps, especially grush etc
Mr X: but now
Mr X: my fps is linked to my fkin lagometer
Mr X: like when the fps fluctuates
Mr X: my lagometer goes bad and warps
Newbie: huh
Newbie: did u try reinstall
Mr X: ye man tried alll that shit
Mr X: reinstalled to diff hdd too, tried other cfgs,
Mr X: tried no cfg,
Mr X: my windows is fresh
Mr X: its only like this on etpro tho
Newbie: dude
Mr X: look man
Newbie: do u need 125 fps?
Mr X: yea
Mr X: cos
Newbie: u got 120hz monitor?
Mr X: 76 fps @ 60hz is shit
Mr X: no
Mr X: my monitor is old
Mr X: i cant do wut ur thinking
Mr X: anyway listen
Mr X: on jaymod
Mr X: its fine
Mr X: the fps and lagometer are unlinked
Mr X: like 40 players in grush i am smoother in terms of warp (there is no warp, but just fps drops), than a fkin 3o3 on grush

: Processor:
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU @ 2.66GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.2GHz
Crucial Ballistix Tracer 4GB @ 4-4-4-12 PC26400
Hard Drive:
OS: 150 GB @ 10,000RPM, Storage: 2TB + 2x 1TB + 500GB +250GB
Video Card:
ATI HD 4870 @ 790/4400mhz
24" BenQ 1920x1200
Sound Card:
Fatal1ty X-Fi Professional
Razer/THX Mako 2.1
Razer Tarantula
Razer DeathAdder
Mouse Surface:
Everglide Titan
Operating System:
7 Ultimate
Asus P5Q Deluxe
Computer Case:
Lian Li PC A10- Black

Mr X: no u gotta tell them the problem isnt fps, its that fluctuating fps manifests lag, but only on etpro not on jaymod
Mr X: tell them fps shund make lag

Some1 knows how to fix this problem pm me
get new PC
download gamebooster, helped to me
actually its shit and it does nothing you could do yourself. you can close mirc/icq/etc yourself, same goes for internet browsers.. it does not do anything useful
i had all closed during the playin, and still had 75fps, with gamebooster i had 110-125fps, np
true but it does it all in 1 click :P plus it also does some processes that are in the background

but i agree you could do it all by hand, this just does it all at once for you (lazy people program)
Still is problem with your PC.

If I have runned ET and if I have runned at the same time on the background Google Chrome, I have a massive FPS drop from 125 to 81-100 every second.

And this also doing with a Skype when have a skype call.

Isn´t this your problem, is it?
I have stable 60 fps
I think this is better answer
this was obvious and yet i watched it
Went to see S-Club 7 live when i was younger :3
Not even stable 76 FPS here, WHERE DA PROBLEM?
125FPS is so 2006
125fps even on radar at hirnot 24ppl 8D

cvar unlocker
i just know Mr T
for my mine i have max 60 fps with my old chipset
evrywher 125 stable :D dont even see 124 :X
replace thermal grease ?
erm... no cfg?

ofc it's shit
"tried other cfgs"
"tried no cfg"

u blind ?
I am sayin, why trying the normal etconfig to gain fps...

use your brain man
Maybe he tried the default config after using his own cfg, because he thought that his config contained some wrong settings.
lol u are is alive
Well the attitude of this guy makes me feel like whatever youre gonna tell this guy will get a reply like 'already did that' or 'that wont help' so I cba to even think about this :P
seriously.... even with amd 2800+ 1gb ram and 9250 radeon I had stable 125 with good config (not necessarily low-fps configuration),
cl_delta 0 ?
I could handle 125fps but I play with 76fps since the beginning and I still roll faggets.
QuoteMr X: or im qutting fkin et

image: Just%2Bdo%2Bit
I never had problems with fps at all. Now that I got a new laptop with an i5 and everything needed, I'm struggeling!

Any help much appreciated!
it might have both an integrated and a dedicated graphics card, make sure ur running the dedicated one while playing. thats what i had with mine =/
Ye, the 540m is running. Had multiple status monitor programs checking it and also ET picks it up as the r_lastvalidrenderer.

I found some option in the menu though about multi-display power modus. I didn't feel any fps drops last map I played, but I need some more checking on that :-P

Still weird that I'm having problems with a far better laptop than the desktop I had.
imo its indeed worth reading up on the driver settings, can be some anal settings somewhere

i had 40 fps aswell the first time i played on a laptop with better specs, was like >_<
Even installed older nvidia drivers from the Asus page itself. No idea yet if it works better :-P
ive got an ati card, read somewhere it was a good idea to switch all of the settings to be "Use application settings" or just turned off :)

Newer drivers might have some hardcore visual options turned on by default on them that might be messing ur fps up, so older might work better
i7, 12gb ram, 460gtx -> 30fps on gr on ETTV serverz!
priority set to high ?
Who is better for ET high or realtime?
r_mode "-1"
r_customwidth "1920"
r_customheight "1200"
r_displayrefresh "60" // 75

Gamebooster + iobit freeware

Did you clean ure pc up ?
got em both, shit tbh
QuoteMouse Surface:
Everglide Titan

You can't get 125 stable with this mousepad.
It should be turned all of them or just one?
never had 125fps n whining about it just now?

rmode 1000 or what?

i hv 10x shitter pc and 125 stable on rmode 6 ;c
i got the same hd4870 u have to install 10.3 drivers for et.
graph for et?
nice troll
YES. I noticed that drivers 10.3 working better with et than older/newest.
I got hd4850 and I have ATI 10.4. I noticed some graph issues after installing 10.5,10.6,10.7---> and so on. Decided to dl 10.4 again and working like a charm, i guess it's the same problem
shit happends
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