Crossfire Battlefield 3 Players

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Write your nickname and I'm going to add you. Have fun!

GermanycaTchEr - caTchjii
GermanyQreeN - Synatixw0w-
GermanyD4viD - D4vitrij
Germanykagutsuchi - windr
GermanyGungy - Gungy
GermanygenShi - genShi1337
GermanyvaGgi - rOLLERC0ASTER
GermanyRayzed - Rayzed2512
Germanyzentic - zentique
Germanyjolokia - jolokiaaA
GermanySpecula - speculaaa
Germanylagg3r - Laggeriuz
GermanyznArk - znarkii
GermanyblAckmAmbA - blAckmAmbA-289
GermanyKPunktor - obv_K-Punkt
Germanybksm - obv_bksm
NetherlandsRuben0s - Ruben0s
NetherlandsDikke - ikfopjullie
NetherlandsHunteR99 - hunt3r99
NetherlandsdEzIrE - Deziiire
NetherlandsHidroboy - Skotoe
NetherlandsMica - mischaverheul
NetherlandsTele - 7ele
Netherlandsdrks - drks
Netherlandsfaii7h - faii7h
NetherlandsSayatNova - HrantDink
NetherlandsAti_ - Atitej
NetherlandsjANGO - mnpcisnietgoedgenoeg
BelgiumGoku - Goku
Belgiumphnn - Greenphoen
BelgiumWeZoR - WeZoRR
Belgiumsubmarine - Laazlooo
BelgiumPredje - Predje
BelgiumGold0raK - Gold0raK
BelgiumdAv1d - dAv1dLoL
FranceKartez - kartez01
Francemamouth - mamouth1
Francekhsnake - khmersnake
Francedr4g - Dr4g_OnFire
FranceNirv - Nirvje
FinlandVerMu - TheMahamies
Finlandsani - saniboika
FinlandHemo - H3mo
United Kingdombitch - COYS287
United Kingdomhvk - Ayila
United KingdomNoX - noobnox
PolandcAst0r - c4st0r
PolandxSigMax - SigMa
PolandRaiven - Rejwen23
PolandAbysss - Abyss
SwitzerlandkneJii - kNEJII
SwitzerlandoLGaa - znuund
EstoniaduNzy - dunzaR
EstoniaNukits - pyzec
Swedenbaq_ - baq_
SwedenJimriniho - Jimriniho
Russiah8m3 - h8m3zilla
Russiavl0z - vl0zje
SloveniaTemari - ryoumei
NorwaySnuble - Snuble
SpainWinghaven - Winghaven
Canadapropain - aod_suffer

NetherlandsSpero - djijul
NetherlandsLemonHaze - banditorea
NetherlandsMiTCH - OmeMittie
BelgiumGoku - Goku
Swedenenvyyy - kNas_
Polandmentor - mentoRLeNiUm

Romaniabody&FoaMeA - kokobros
BelgiumGoku - Goku
SpainWinghaven - Winghahaven
pc kartez01
pc Synatixw0w-
PC: baq_

edit: avi for some fun team
wrong game for teams mate :)
why? its always fun to have 4 mates in your fireteam and talk while rolling noobs or flying planes

had great laughs these 3 days with m8s xD
Wont buy this Shit cause of this orgin Shit and the eula
well the eula is shit truely but as long as u use a e-mail adress which u don't use for private things then let them spam that e-mail addy xD
if u agree this eula they got all the rights to scan ur whole pc
in germany it's disallowed to scan ur computer. only if the justice say that they allow in to do it. so np :)
Still you accept it when you install Origin, so the justice won't do anything.
the eula get changed cause of the german law.
scan programdata*
such a bad game...
#bf3.wars to find ur pcw/wars
pc: D4vitrij
Friend request sent!
accepted but i still need to install new shitty nvidia drivers cause with my 275.xx drivers bf3 crash after a time xD
well i had 2 random quits without reason I think game is still a bit bugged
true ea need to fix something but there will be a patch which need around of 2gb hdd space :D
et 4 life
PC: windr

PC: Greenphoen
pc mamouth1
PC V3rMu
PC Gungy
pc : Laazlooo
pc: Predje
goku such a nerd:S
PC genShi1337
PC: dunzaR

join our platoon bros
working shit on my 2gb ram and hd4250 ( integrated graphics )

but its playable ; pp
PS3 djijul
pc: saniboika
pc: COYS287
ps3 : banditorea
pc: kNEJII
So where i can log in to see the contents of your pcs?
pc - Deziiire
PC: Rayzed2512
PC: LinkingNothing
Wooooo, razor1911 made a crack which makes it possible to play bf3 without origin
PC: H3mo

More of you crossfire users in #bf3.wars please for 4v4 squad rush =D
pc: khmersnake

btw: there is a command to set sensitivity ?
PC: zentique
wtf goku pc/xbox/ps3
pc: ryoumei
PC : Dr4g_OnFire
what a nerd goku
PC: MNwa89
change LinkingNothing to Ayila
PC = dAv1dLoL
PC = Germany jolokiaaA
PC = Netherlands Skotoe
PC = Norway Snuble
Should add a list for MW3 too :))

If so; PS3; kNas_
PC mischaverheul
PS3: OmeMittie
pc: 7ele
PC = caTchjii
PC= V3rMu
Seems like more guys playing BF3 on PC than MW3.
Isn't it a succes on xbox or ps3?
pc = Ruben0s
pc= sENSAHA needs some friends tho
pc = casek
so new pc new luck
pc = speculaaa
need 8o8 team to play some offis :)
I have already 1year bfbc2 exp.
pc = noobnox
game cube = mAus
PC drks
pc : faii7h
pc - Winghaven
xbox - Winghahaven
pc - HrantDink
pc - Gold0raK
pc - Jimriniho
pc - vl0zje
pc - Laggeriuz
nice forgetting me body...
and me too ;(
I didn't. :)
pc - obv_bksm
PC - blAckmAmbA-289
pc - obv_K-Punkt
pc - aod_suffer :)
PS3: mentoRLeNiUm
pc - Nirvje
PC: Switzerland znuund
Let play together los !!!
not yet, gotta buy a new graka :)
and I have to buy a new cpu + mobo :)
PC - Atitej
PC - znarkii
PC - Estonia Nukits - BF3 name pyzec
ok don't add me shitcunt
ok don't add me shitcunt
PC - Rejwen23
PC - Netherlands mnpcisnietgoedgenoeg
couldn't find you :<
je staat er ook echt xd
PC - Portugal Bastyyyy
change speculaaa to bSTURZ-sPECULA pls
PS3 - Polandwut1337
XBOX360: Cheezeij
ps3 - juizeh
PC: Germany nezziii
pc= HaYlolEs
Change phnn - Greenphoen to Mizuti - Mizutiii please thx.
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