need some help with server

i have installed a et server, put etpro on it, i have patch it, and the latest i have added tzac on it.. now i want to connect i get this error

does some on knows what i have to do to get it fixed?

thanks in advance
it's not etpro 3.2.6 you genius
what galiathus said
Incorrect ETPro file.

Next question.
server is saying that it is 3.2.6
thats what I told you :P try to uninstall etpro and install the latest 3.2.6 etpro on it, should work
ok, an idiot proof guide:

you download this file:

then unzip it and upload the etpro folder (that doesn't contain another single folder called etpro) into the wolfenstein enemy territory folder

make sure to have replaced the right tzac files and start the server with the line +fs_game etpro and make sure the 3.2.6 file only (and no other version) is in the servers' etpro folder

do the same if you mean your clientside, but don't add the tzac files!

how the fuck would you run a mgc if you aren't even able to handle the easiest server shit?
running a mgc and knowning about servers are diffrent things... you know alot of servers i gues i more about running a mgc, thats why dream keep failing... thx anyway for the information mr Gali
tzac doesnt work with jaymod dude
What are you studying there?
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