enhanced recruiting

we are back once again no more shit lineup with carlos leading the best ingame leader (me) will be captaining again.

we looking for:

-really good players
-fun to play with is most important ( sorry germans )
-not retarded
-dont mind playing with squid

United States of Americaohurcool

if you played with us or know us automatic tryout

tryouts wednesday pm `shaun at #enhanced, on cf or fill in applications here as fallows

state your-
skills at et:
how many times you played 3rd div:
how many lans you win:


image: 9up9mxlqljzf24kzemd
Sup with supski?

gl tho
i dunno havent left them or anything just dunno when we finish oc :D
3rd div pocals but I never won any LANs, however I have never showed up to a LAN to lose every match so that must give me an advantage.

gl ohurcool
gl shaun ;)
i can spot 2 lows in the lu..
yeah shaun and SQuid are pretty bad :s
awesome IQ, won 3rd once, skills at et above average, won two lans, GOOD ENUF?
Finished second at 5th, finished first at 4th, so I can only do better in 3rd I guess! Won every lan Ive played at and Im fucking smart.

Best option is me.
iq: above average
skills at et: werry high skilled
how many times you played 3rd div: non
how many lans you win: only one

But i don wan in
you would never come in anyways
Quoteiq: above average

I dont think the avarage IQ in CF is very high but Im sure it's more than 50.
good luck ohurcool :b

iq: gooooood
skills at et: brainer, medskill aim.
how many times you played 3rd div: only played 2nd or 4th
how many lans you win: won some fifalans
gl gays <3
as long as United States of America ohurcool playing i am avi!

gl joooon!
avi! gl ohurcool! ;)
get Poland sosji :D:D
gl ohurcool
gl sQuid
gl shaun, squid
Scotland keandoooo

<3 pelle and shaun armenian pwnerz
good luck

iq: 129
skills at et: med/+
how many times you played 3rd div: twice
how many lans you win: 1, the Deventer LAN where i beat banaan in a sick final
Gl shaun m8 :)
Since you backstabbed me. i deserve a spot
Quotestate your-
skills at et:
how many times you played 3rd div:
how many lans you win:

I'd love to fill this out for ya, but I'm a nice guy.
Do it. since i just played 2nd div and Premier. i guess i can't join after all :'(

inb4 email pic
gl jon, don't carry too hard.
iq: wtf is this shit
skills at et: almost as good as Chilecasek
how many times you played 3rd div: I played 7th division with intake :D:D:D
how many lans you win: Once beat my brother in oasis on lan
best panzer in et above me !
This is true! <33333
and best of luck jon! <3
IQ 115 and avi
Good luck enhanced <3
GL Shaun~
iq: Current trivia champion of #Hayastan , RIP triviabot.
skills at et: Better than 95% of the community.
how many times you played 7th div: Once, and won it.
how many lans you win: :')
good luck on finding teammates Netherlands SQuid!
IQ: Above average
ET Skill: Superior :o
Played at 3rd Div? Never.
LANS won: won many rounds @ ETMain lan at school (its where i discovered ET), won against my cousins at lan (0 deaths!).

p.s. although i just shared this for the fun. i dont think i have time for ET offis, practices nor as back up.
GL eurohanced!
Might me avi for backup if needed! Maybe even main lu OMFG!
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