ET-Xreal released

Inside the splashdamage forums you could find ET-Xreal today.

It seems that it is released now.

You need to download ET-Xreal and extract it anywhere. Then you need to copy all pak#.pk3 to xreal's etmain folder.

You can start et-xreal with the correct .exe inside the bin folder.

There is already a server running a mod with x-real ET, so people can test it:
It was released already months ago, this is just another beta I think, as they are still in the developing phase..
ETX released
i see what u did there
QuoteWe are currently still very much in development face. Therefore, We encourage you to try it and to give your feedback. We currently still make use of the original master server and protocol, so manual connection is the easiest.
Anyone test it allready?
did anyone test it already ?
quite slow?

e: doesnt work for me, when i connect on the serv my etxreal.exe got blackscreen and some kind of brown ball is on the top of the screen
That is the map loading screen :D took me a while to load around 5 - 6 mins
what exactly is the purpose of developing that mod?
i mean its like a pure graphics mod but what is the goal of that project?
is it made for recording et movies on that mod?
i guess playing on it wont be the purpose..
its not an et mod, its a standalone ET using a newer engine. atleast, as far as i know, thats what it is.
dual is right.. its standalone ET using newer engine. And its ment to get new players with better graphics as old ET is so "blurry" with so old engine etc etc..
so no cheats for that game yet? :pPp
as seems so theres none yet I suppose.. well havnt done any research about it :D but u can do some gr0ss :P
well, first of all for the developer i guess it is just a hobby / proof of concept...

for us, well, we could get better fps because it uses the gpu and other resources more efficiently, providing better quality.
Also we can use multicore, maybe higher maxpackets, etc etc, i haven't checked. I'm installing it right now

edit: he also provided a new tool to create maps more easly, allowing us to use models/maps from other idtech4 games like doom3 etc etc etc
Could you post some pictures later?
Yes i guess, i'm highly interested how it looks for moviemakers ^^ eventhough we would need a mod to allow etpro demos to be played :|
theres said that ETmain is the mod on based and some guys said that jaymod and NQ is working on it allready with some little bugs wich is rlly understandable
ye, but i only care about etpro, other mods doesn't really matter for me :f

Also with default cfg at 1600x900 or smth like that i have unstable 80fps :F wtf

edit: nvm... low fps because the demo had alot of ppl xD at empty oasis i have stable 125
why is the guy taking the screenshots on the moddb page having only 44 fps then?

developer nerd testing the game on a netbook with linux?
doch doch, wieso denn nicht drauf spielen?
ich dachte dass der fokus auf das rendern von lichtstrahlen/exakten schatten und auf neuen texturen gelegt wurde. deshalb auch der name Xreal.
ich wusste nicht dass allgemein die ganze engine neu is und dass man echt drauf spielen könnte.
Wegen der grafik hat noch keiner angefangen ein Spiel intensiv und langfristig zu spielen.
same problem :/
buggy shit, bugged tree's, fullscreen = gamecrash, spec some other player = gamecrash, pressing any key on the loading screen = gamecrash, enemys are half on the screen if i see one.. hope that iwll be fixed
it's working for me ;S
I only miss most of the axis rifle, if it is on the ground (only metal is visible).
Well, not that impressed yet :|

The game takes ages, i mean AGES, to load a empty map, the quality is kinda bugged (few dark places or too bright at weird places), my moviemaking cfg seems very bad at etx... if i execute my map cfgs the game becomes way too bright n stuff


few random shots using my battery cfg at etx_battery

image: CB1NM
image: XkC70
image: JAKdq
image: VJ1TW

image: GLYKB
even my colors looks bad there :XD
Cant you tweak (quality-wise) it even more? Higher Resolution, AA, AF and that stuff? Or is it already at max?
it's _really_ not at the max, the new engine cvars need to be tested to provide good quality and a good mix of colors (as i did before at normal et). The new engine supports bloom, shadows, better dynamic lights etc etc, i'm using the default at this screens!
you sound surprised that a config for a seperate engine looks bad?

also i've heard ETXreal is awful, absolutely god awful but i havent tested it myself and i have no intention of doing so
why so? the engine uses the same basic cvars as i do at my cfg... plus my map cfg's only mix some values of r_intensity/gamma/mapoverbrightbits n stuff, so technically it should be _ok_ , but instead of looks really different
because it's a different engine, cvars/commands are nothing but text

the engine changes so your cvars need to change (values)
ye, i just didn't expect to have to change it so much, thats means if i want to get it as i used to, i need to test all visual cvars .. again :D:D:D
and prolly loose em 3 times due to a HDD crash ^_^
thats a moviemaker curse trust me!!! :D
I believe the renderer (r_*) cvars especially are very different with XreaL. You should create a separate graphics config for it instead of using regular ET one.
seems true ^^
keep ignoring me at msn :(
Thanks but still come msn. Need to tell u smth :o
Going to buy some groceries right now, be back in less than a hour
I was hoping that they will make the water more blue, Im sick of editing it in after effects all the time :S nice screens tho, imo its looking good, but still imrpovable..
ye it has potencial, with a proper cfg... but they really need to fix the fuckedup textures... and they should add a inbuilt minimizer and remove old maps like battery and make etx_battery default... etc etc.. there is still alot to be done
did you send them some requests already? if not, do so, otherwise they will never find out about it :S build-in minizmier = Alt + Enter doesnt work?
alt+enter works, but thats not a minimizer

i wrote my opinion at their SD topic, check here:

it would be lovely, moviemaking wise, if they could implement q3 mme at the _engine_ :D they released the source code, and et is not that different...their cam system, particles, etc etc is awesome
ah yea you're right, I use a Alt + Enter all the time as "minimizer" to do other stuff meanwhile, but its not really a minizmier :/ I think I will test the mod out and see if its looking good with my cfg and CC, hopefully the recording times decreased by now ^_^
well, at etx the vid_restart / map load takes ALOT MORE time than normal et..i can load a map in 4 seconds or etx it takes 30s or more :F lol thats why the alt+enter sucks... and etmin.exe doesn't work with etx..

do not expect any miracle, as i said the cvars changed alot... if for example you use r_intensity 1.2 at gr with normal et, and with same cfg you try r_intensity 1.2 at ETX etx_goldrush, well it doesn't really look the same... it means we need to test all cvars all over again to provide the best default colors, atleast i'm speaking for myself because i play alot with <map>.cfg
I expected much more :/
remember this is a BETA and i don't have a etx cfg... this is my moviemaker cfg, seems like they changed the normal cvars alot.. example: r_intensity 1.3 at old et doesn't look the same intensity if i apply r_intensity 1.3 at etx ^^ etc etc
isntead of writing in such a negative, NEGATIVE way, you ccould also make it look more like feedback, i mean this guy put alot of effort into this for ppl who enjoy ET
don't get me wrong, i fully support his work and i believe it's going in the right direction. There is alot to be done, lots of bugs to be fixed, but i am happy with it. I was just expecting something a bit different, seems like we need to do few changes at our cfgs to get the "old feeling" with better look ^^ shame on me ^^
i understand, it just sounds so negative :P
well, i like to be negative and constructive, its meant to help people improve... same applies to myself...
u can be be negative constructive in a postive way!
oh dear :D go outside and spend yourtime in other stuff, don't spamm meeeee :DD
hey i never said that! :D

e: and im proud of you <3
alright, now i m confused again..

i was on the server together iwth the developer of that mod and he told me its only about new graphics. the new engine doesnt do anything else than graphics stuff..

again, what is the purpose of xreal?
Bringing newfags into ET
honestly... the graphics stuff is working for singleplayer games or console ones but we re talking about a different kind of graphics quality...
graphics do look quite nice on the mod but still it just is an etmain based mod of which i doubt that it would attrackt new players :P
if there's a new engine, does that mean strafejumping is gone or what
only graphics changes
gameplay is exactly etmain
quake3 based engine, so no.
ET:XreaL 0.3.0 win-x86 Nov 6 2011
ET:XreaL Engine 0.9.0 win-x86 Nov 6 2011
----- FS_Startup -----
Current search path:
C:\Users\Gokusan\Desktop\ETXreaL-0.3.0-20111106\\etmain\xreal-mp_bin-20111106.pk3 DEB310B8 3167B735 (178 files)
C:\Users\Gokusan\Desktop\ETXreaL-0.3.0-20111106\\etmain\xreal-map-etx_railgun-20111106.pk3 3A93CAA6 B35BD55D (16 files)
C:\Users\Gokusan\Desktop\ETXreaL-0.3.0-20111106\\etmain\xreal-map-etx_radar-20111106.pk3 7D3EE7FB F9E5E09C (16 files)
C:\Users\Gokusan\Desktop\ETXreaL-0.3.0-20111106\\etmain\xreal-map-etx_goldrush-20111106.pk3 695E7C27 FB70DBC1 (17 files)
C:\Users\Gokusan\Desktop\ETXreaL-0.3.0-20111106\\etmain\xreal-map-etx_fueldump-20111106.pk3 C594B140 1CD1EA61 (19 files)
C:\Users\Gokusan\Desktop\ETXreaL-0.3.0-20111106\\etmain\xreal-map-etx_battery-20111106.pk3 59DBA538 262AE897 (17 files)
C:\Users\Gokusan\Desktop\ETXreaL-0.3.0-20111106\\etmain\xreal-core-20111106.pk3 94E9586C DBF55BBB (1458 files)
C:\Users\Gokusan\Desktop\ETXreaL-0.3.0-20111106\\etmain\sd-mapobjects.pk3 5FB4DA7 905A4E0B (236 files)
C:\Users\Gokusan\Desktop\ETXreaL-0.3.0-20111106\\etmain\pak2.pk3 24454BDB 759AFD4C (22 files)
C:\Users\Gokusan\Desktop\ETXreaL-0.3.0-20111106\\etmain\pak1.pk3 5E483500 AC8C1D00 (10 files)
C:\Users\Gokusan\Desktop\ETXreaL-0.3.0-20111106\\etmain\pak0.pk3 99610168 893549D4 (3725 files)

5714 files in pk3 files
execing default.cfg
couldn't exec language.cfg
couldn't exec autoexec.cfg
Hunk_Clear: reset the hunk ok
...detecting CPU, found Intel Pentium III
Bypassing CD checks
----- Client Initialization -----
----- Initializing Renderer ----
Calling GetRefAPI...
ETKEY found.
----- Client Initialization Complete -----
----- R_Init -----
Initializing OpenGL subsystem
...setting mode 3: 640 480 W
...registered window class
...created window@0,0 (646x508)
Initializing OpenGL driver
...getting DC: succeeded
...GLW_ChoosePFD( 32, 24, 8 )
...65 PFDs found
...hardware acceleration found
...PIXELFORMAT 2 selected
...creating GL context: succeeded
...making context current: succeeded
Using GLEW 1.5.5
...wglMakeCurrent( 86010255, 00000000 ): success
...deleting standard GL context: success
...initializing OpenGL 3.2 context done
GL_VENDOR: '(null)'
GL_RENDERER: '(null)'
GL_VERSION: '(null)'
----- CL_Shutdown -----
RE_Shutdown( destroyWindow = 1 )
------- GLSL_ShutdownGPUShaders -------
Shutting down OpenGL subsystem
...releasing DC: success
...destroying window
Q_strncpyz: NULL src
you are missing files i think!

image: 5a3qW
ETTV show match?
still beta so I think that would be a bad idea
awesome idea dude... except that... ettv is not fully compatible with etx :DDDDDDDD
Dont see the point for some reason, no offense to the people who are contributing to it.

But I can basically achieve those graphics using r_picmip 0..
I would have thought it would be a totally different engine, i.e. different movement, weapons in etpro etc, not just better graphics.

Other than that its basically the current ET we got..
Could not initialize OpenGL 3.2 context: no WGL_ARB_create_context
Make sure your graphics card supports OpenGL 3.2 or newer
I've been saying this before colors have wayyy too much contrast, this also needs a new mod , a mod that can be updated unlike ETpro....
Here's some video footage of the gameplay:
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