config help

does anyone know how to put clouds in the sky? and change the style of death?

thx :D
dunno what u mean :-s
clouds in sky can be done by changing siwa_mask.tga in your textures folder
take superboyy_custom.pk3 out of that download

deathanimation can be added with image-et 0.8.4
how? xd jejejeje
how what? for custom sky take the superboyy_custom.pk3 and put it in your mod folder (etpro or uvmoviemod?) and custom deathanimation is automatically done if you run ET with image-et 0.8.4

if you wanna know how to install image here's a tut:
automatically? :O xd i didnt knew xP thx men :)
use older et-image version (0.7) if you were not using this, then dl et-image 0.8
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