Puretrack complexity vs talent

hi cf !

i just wanna know the difference bitween those mousepads.

i have got a complexity and i wanted to know if it is worth to buy the talent?

is the talent "smoother" than the complexity (glide like a qpad???)

also at wat degree C. should i wash my pad??? (becauze on ptrack's website, it says that it can be wash on maschine)

thanks for your answer!
about cleaning it was on there website but support forum is offline i see.
i found someting i hope its helpfull http://hardware.gotfrag.com/portal/forums/thread/420593/
i guess same pads, but that one made for complexity
buy it, u are buying every gaming related anyway
not anymore

but thanks sherlock
ouais cayssa

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je me demande c'est qui le nerd :D
je crois que c est plus toi que moi, maintenant :)
bon je vais même plus te répondre mr.flamer
ye he is still buying them ! He is a drug/asian boy/trany dealer now, so he can have all the money he needs.
iirc the Talent is smoother but I didn't really use the Complexity because it had some bumps in it
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