I havent been on this site in years, didn't know it still existed, I didn't even know there where still people playing this game !

For those who are interested, I'm working a COOP mod for the RTCW single player.
So you can frag nazis together with your clanmates

you can find the project page (with some screenshots, scroll down) here: http://code.google.com/p/bzzwolfsp/

There are no executable files yet, but we plan to release them soon.

cheers !
help the et : xreal guys :)
I'm only interested in RTCW:coop :)
make rtcw coop part of xreal then ;)
what if i want to frag some allied ass with my nazi mates?
haha sounds like a laugh :) good luck - keep us updated.
Sounds good, might need to make it a bit harder to be fun in coop though (except the bit with the jumping electric super soldier guys... thats hard enough already :E)
Indeed, if you are used to multiplayer, then its pretty easy :)
sounds good, keep it up !
Super !

(Would be even better if it had the MP movement and spread but thats prolly not possible.)
It is possible to carry those over to SP.
My skills are limited when it comes to coding, although I know my small share. If you need any help with webspace/bandwidth let me know, I've got an empty server here with it all paid for.

Can contribute small code fixes also.

Good work with this so far!

I suggest you record some videos and upload them to a YouTube account, get people interested!
seems fun :)
awesome! i just wondered few days ago if there would be a mod like that :P
i hope you finish it
Epic shit! giiiiiiiief!
wondered if someone had link to rtcwsp, some megaupload or something, as my disk is at my parents
tell me the files you need, and i'll upload them
the ones missing from twisters pack, the sp pk3s i think
me gusta :)
Is it possible to increase and decrease the number of enemies based on the number of players?
I can make them stronger/better if there are more players
I'm just brainstorming here, but it would be kind of cool if you had a rush moment at (for instance) the airport where you have to defend for a set amount of time (or perhaps even some sort of tower defence/Left 4 Dead-ish single map survival mode).
defend an area in sp rtcw? lols
I was thinking about stuff like the mp_assault bit in the campaign.
would be funny if like 100 soldiers suddenly storm at you :p
Now this is possible by making an extra script for each map
nice to see you working on this fretn :)

about more custom sp maps:

there are a lot of good sp maps made like timegate, maps by vicpas (who is still active mapmaker!!)

you probably don't have the source code for osp cause i've been thinking for some super small new things for osp such as:

-(support et hitsounds maybe?)
- http downloads in osp itself, this has been done on 1.0 already on s4ndmod so it's possible!

anyways good luck to the project!

if you want to join the xmas osp pub server, heres the IP:
I don't think a cointoss is needed in a single player / coop game ?
forcetapout is not needed as there is no limbo mode, just instant respawn
hitsounds is a possibility
http downloads are for later, there are more important things todo right now :)
i didnt suggested those things for your sp coop, i wanted to ask if you could make those things for osp :p

btw nice that you are still willing to make these things for rtcw :)
I started on a project in 2008 to enable HTTP downloads in RTCW


it's still operational today ;) just run the client in the background while playing rtcw and missing maps will be downloaded from http instead of slow in-game downloads

*edit* the guy at this project: http://code.google.com/p/evo-wolf-mp/ imported the ET HTTP downloads in the rtcw 1.4 engine, but unfortunately that won't work well with punkbuster
-=[BzZ]=-Fretn ? :/
no -=[BZZ|fretn]=- :p
would be nice
what? i dont play rtcw
i be trollin hard mayneee
seems funny to play
sp is so easy. why you need teamplay in this?
because for the elite, there will be extra opponents to make it harder.
And the point of it is that you do it as fast as possible per map, with global scoreboard where you can compare your team's stats with the stats of the other teams
I just did a test where I modified the ai accuracy (most of the time its only set to 0.30, where 1.0 is a perfect aimbot) to 0.75 and 1.0 and its a lot harder

edit: and the starting health of the soldiers is most of the time between 30 and 45, so thats why they die so fast :)
can't wait to play this fretn, i hope there will be some map makers interested in making maps especially for this, like where you have to be with a lot of players to win or so.

don't lose your creativity while getting frustrated making the mod too :)

gl! keep us updated

btw i am a mapmaker myself. ive made several trickjump maps and converted some et maps to rtcw
this is some cool shit. thanks fretn.

dunno why, but it's unplayable on my 32-bit winxp box. plays on my 64-bit win7 lappy tho. most games including vanilla rtcw play much better on my crusty old desktop, but your game gets <1 fps just in the menu (debug/release, don't matter).

anyway still fun w/ mouse/kb/crt hooked up to lappy even tho fps isn't what it could be. :-)
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