unwrapping long cylinder

So I'm currently doing a school project for which I need to unwrap a flagpole. It's long and thin (very funny), and as you all know (or at least those who are concerned by 3D modeling) the unwrapping space is square.

Obviously when I unwrap the pole it only uses about 15% of my texturespace, which is a terrible waste (see image below).

image: 2d1v6vk

I'd like to know what your workaround is for this problem. It'd help me greatly as I have to apply for an internship at a gamedeveloper this thursday. I need to get my final bits done before then, and this one has been nagging for a while now.

Thanks for your help in advance!
Dubrovinik church?
Nope, personal interpretation of some random ancient building in Amersfoort. Although that Dubrovnik church surely looks awesome to model, would fit right in with the buildings I'm currently modeling.
i'm not so much into 3dsMax ..just know some basics [i'm cinema4d, modo & maya user] but anyway...

these should help u


thanks, but I'm looking for a tutorial that shows me how to unwrap long objects. I know how to unwrap a cylinder (simplest thing in the universe), but I want to keep this really long cylinder only 1 poly on each side (12 sided cylinder so 12 polys total), and still get it in one unwrap (although I'm starting to think this is simply impossible).
It would help if u explain your problem a lil bit more..
..at the moment it seems as if you have never unwrapped stuff without automatic unwrapper software or plugin and never touched the UVs themselves.. anyways if that is the case open up uv texture editor..and there u can move around UVs.. u can set it so that it fits in the square..plus always keep UVs on the top right side part of the grid so the coordinates are always positive it can save you some trouble..

Anyways please define the problem a lil bit more so we can pass you the right solution..

Best regards, andi
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