Resolution help please

Hello all,

Decided to give a few games a bash today that I stopped playing but i'm having difficulties with my resolution.

My resolution was actually working fine until I took it upon myself (D'oh) to select other resolutions through the nvidia control panel which has now lead to my Quake looking rather funny. The game itself is centred in the middle of my screen with the usual black space surrounding each side :(.

I'm looking for some help to fix this, or bring it back to how it was previously! Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated as I am now stuck and have no idea what to do.

Monitor: Samsung 2233rz 120hz
Resolution: r_mode -1 (no longer works now, as the screen is too small so I'm back on r_mode -2 which is awful for my frames per second).
Desktop Resolution: 1680 x 1050

Hoping someone will know how I can use r_mode -1 again. I've tried restarting, googling, vid_restarting and the usual commands. An old friend of mine had configured the nv_disp file and had set up a custom resolution through the nvidia display panel who I no longer have contact too. Perhaps that might give some sort of insight on how I can fix this? Or perhaps someone may know how to do this?

what about rmode 4
Just the same, but even smaller :(
Update: Resolution wanted is 1120 x 700. Any ideas?
r_mode -1
r_customwidth 1680
r_customheight 1050

Why would u even start changing things?

To answer your question, might do a system restore to an earlier point?
screen at middle, black frame? That's Jibo's cfg!
go to nvidia control panel -> adjust desktop size and position and check fullscreen on scaling tab. about performing: screen "forces" it to fill whole screen and you can see it as worse quality, gpu scales it gentlier so it doesnt make your quality worse.
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