SFe*eLateD need 3rd

HEy everyone out there;D
SFe is back!!
yes, you heard the right voices!
We (G!pp!/RapToN) are searching a quite good et player,
our skill is low+/med- and we are both 18 years old,
thats why we search a player wich is low+ or better and wich is older than 16
->prefer 18+!
We wanna play at least 1 ESL_Scrim at the week, and very often funscrims;D
you have to be very Chillaxed ´cause we are very crazy:D

I think we prefer a german Player but if you are an other guy, wich is interested,
dont be shy and write me at xfire
rapton91 or gippi

;D see ya soon
gl ihr säufer <3
gl mein schatz :)
gl biatch :)
LOL, when I started ET there was a guy SFe HIPhop or something :ppp

you know him ?:p
ofc :) but he is inaktiv since a few years
yes, long time ago :D

gl! :)
Finally you are back
Take me :-)

gl sascha my love
vg euch beide..:)

joel macht es schon...
avi if u need merc ;)
gl, Joel !
wb SFe!
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