subbi needs moviemaker

need someone to make me a nice movie :)
got frags with rifle, pistol, smg, fops, covie, mines, panza - so almost everything,
all demos are already cut.
pm me in or here.
gl sub sub
So do i !
cant wait to watch the movie :))))
big GL
good luck one of the best players at the moment. :)
bad movie bad player
Good luck, deserves the best ;)
ok l'arabe ":D"
J'était le boss sur nbs hein :d
Since when am I a fucking arab?
a moviemaker
probably better just to learn yourself, pretty basic nowadays. download image; set img_ commands; load demo; exec ag0n's cfg for that map; img_motionblur 1; cl_avidemo 1

get virtualdub + vegas + megui, should take a week or 2 to finish with good quality unless you plan on some editing.
get some frags from CDT, gl.
idd CDT sten pownage :P
Ok, moviemaker make movie for him
amazing man needs amazing moviemaker
Edu subbi!
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