Bluetex busted part 2

I played 1on1 against some Bluetex, and here is some info about him:
You can also notice pretty clear aimbot(or mystic) on round 2.

GUID on the server=yawn
GUID what he told to me when i asked his real GUID=yawn
demo=mirror1 mirror2 mirror3
perfo busted
busted imo ;)
ban cheaterbusters! LOL
Quote21:20 <leecher> no i wont spoof you it was only perfo because he is harry potter

r u sad because you wont act together with the old hermiona? :[
well hermione is pretty hot
thats why i asked if u are sad? lol
omg noob, btw where did u get such a hot owl?
GOOD JOB! :))))))))))))))))))))))
i just played 3on3 with perfo and he did over 60 hs in 3h
60 hs in 3 hours? not much o_O
i hate this guy
saw a pic of him...explains quite a lot
here u see bluetex with my guid :S

we all hate u Bluetex!!! fo sho
i merc once with bluetex when he didnt hax, hes was like not even low+
basically you cant bust anyone anymore
just got guidspoofed and gg
cant believe he sent the demo to you, blatent hax, but why the hell did he lean lol, nice irc convo, trying to fake perfo nice try :/ good bust man
OMG he is really STUPID or someone played with guidspoofer like him :[
I played bluetex too few days ago faking @ perfo, PB/ETpro guidspoofer but no skillspoofer :(
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