CF looking for PHP Coders


I'm looking for 1/2 coders, strong in PHP, MYSQL, jquery & zend framework. You can quite easily guess what this is for! With the new year starting one of the CF4 coders has now started another job and I'd like to find an additional coder to expedite the release and work on further features beyond release.

If you're interested, there is payment involved and the potential for long term work. Would be perfect for a student looking for something to bolster their portfolio.

Please drop me a PM if youre available!
too bad I like cakephp more :)
But still you can do it ;) :^^
if you need naked guys at cf4, please contact me ;) smoooosh!
We just gave that job to FiluS
well, I didnt insist on being alone, so feel free to hire few more. Diversity is cool nowadays
You'll regret not giving moldu a chance here!
what BelgiumPiegie can do with php never ceases to amaze me :)
i can help
Norway Plekter!
I would recommend Zinx,he is master of coding!:D
Well,that happens when you work in Microsoft?:D
Ms has trash programmers, everybody could get in there :<
Zinx isn't trash programmer :p
He was lead coder of etpro,he was the coder of 2.60,he has done awesome PHP scripts...etc,for Microsoft great programmer,but others,don't know.
Never said zinx was a bad programmer ;)
What I wanted to say, being a Microsoft employee isn't much of a challenge to achieve. I went to Brussels ~2 months ago to talk about a possible internship at Microsoft Brussels. They offered me a full-time job instead.
Thats called Microsoft
Hiring everybody since 1988
what's the payment?
wish i had moer time...
the usual ones: arni, skooli, msh100
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