New WolfMP keyfree rotation server

There is a new server in town, aimed at the mid range player.

Our beach server on 1.0 is aimed at noobs and our OSP public server was aimed at the top. So we needed a good server in between.

For good reasons the keyfree 1.4 shrub mod was chosen.
  • Anyone can play there, server is keyfree!
  • 1.0 rotation had already been tried.
  • More maps (Ice, Escape2, Frostbite ...)
  • Punkbuster.
  • Less bugs.
To install 1.4 next to your 1.0 or E.T. read on here:


Name: WolfMP SHRUB Rotation
Mod: Shrub 1.4 keyfree

Rotation maps:
  • Ice
  • Base
  • Village
  • Escape2
  • Beach
  • Frostbite TE
  • Sub
  • Depot
All maps are played in abba mode except depot. For who still remember the immensely popular kittycarnage server, abba was done there also and that rocked. So this is very much a carnage like server.

There is a shrub soundpack that you can put in to main.
You can download it here:
Unzip to /main.

For players there are some new features.
  • Play sounds.
  • Poison.
  • Shove.
  • Text shortcuts.
  • Disable popups.
Read the players manual here:

For the moment meds and engineers have one extra ammo clip.

Hope to see you on the server. ;)
Ok Fietser,
enjoy daily 3 players
I still play 1.0 Beach or H4S public :D great fun raping noobs, also funny cause of the insane amount of cheaters who are still horrible xD
First, there's no insane amount of cheaters on beach, you probably mean sluxx. Secondly, raping noobs by good players is killing that server at the moment. GG!
No problem! However you're right about insane amount, I made it bigger then it is. But without pb etc its kinda easy to cheat there ;)
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