exceed avi.

I took a rather big break break from ET and I have only played a couple of games of Call of Duty 4 since then.
I am available as a main line-up player for both 3o3 and 6o6. Not available at party O'clock but okay with hangoverday.

Quote by [bme:[/b]]speaking Netherlands/United Kingdom
I play engi/medic smg
20 years old
some exclans in profile
I don't really care about skill. I haven't played for a while, but from what i've played, I'd like to think I can at least still compete with today's med.

Quote by [byou[/b]]be at least a bit mature
have a sense of humor
be somewhat active

Quote by [bcontact[/b]]I haven't bothered with installing irc yet, so you can contact me trough:
xfire: christmaspwns
or by you can contact me by pm here

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good gaming bro :)
good luck omdat het moet.
good luck exceed o0o
you suck

good luck sebas, long time :P
hey dude, where have u been?
was at my gf place, at portugal, stayed there for 2months :) came home this friday
Portugal, wow that's some different shit! Nice to have you back and thanks for your support hehe
hehe yeh, quite alot different than this cold Slovenia here, always sun there and hot, even now at winter, its like 15-20°C, so i been enjoying the sun everyday, apart from here, fking Siberia xD

Well good to see u back at game as well, if u intend to play some, we can go some 3on3 here or there as well :p
In Holland it's freezing as well! Sun is shining at the moment tho, but still it's pretty cold!

Would be cool to play some. I haven't really played lately, so I'm just looking for some people to play with.
go fuck yourself
I always thought you were fucking 12 years old. Shit son, you got some growing up to do ;).
exceed what is your skill?
en ben jij nog avaible voor 3on3 wars.?
ik wel clanless
Ik ben een tijd inactive geweest, maar heb een aantal wars gespeeld tegen med en dat ging prima. Na wat praccen zal het vanzelf wel weer beter worden.
try jaymode, there you can be top 5...:)...Pro* need you

top 3, easily.
of course, FA 2 or WOOD noob servers..40 players, 39 newbies or noskill campers..:)
I'm sorry, I'm too good to play there. I guess you're a jaymodder yourself. Thanks for your reply, but I don't need your randomness over here :)
lol, i dont play jaymode..but i remember you seeing on the special rating servers..no problem, gl!
8 eX.

eXo & eXceed. 27.40
Jammer, dat ben ik niet.
balen :( wilde gaan pubben en toen zag ik je in die lijst staan :p ofja, dacht dat jij dat was

edit: het was ook geen reply op die discussie tussen jou en die duitser hoor, ik had gewoon je laatste comment gezocht :p
Nah, ik ben die andere. Ik speel niet meer zoveel als eerst.
haha oke ;)
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