RTCW PathFinder and Weblists

The easiest way to see all servers is with pathfinder.
All current online servers are already in the favorites.
Just download and unzip to a new folder of your choice.

For 1.0 servers:

PathfinderRTCW 1.0

For 1.4 servers:

PathfinderRTCW 1.4

image: pathfinder

In case the master server comes back. Set it to:

1.0 ClanSUn!tedDm
1.4 ***AllStars*** DEATHMATCH - by RTCW4EVER.de
1.4 WOLFMP.INFO Shrubmod

I've also made an onlist list with all servers and players:

Weblists Popular RTCW10 RTCW14

They refresh every 60 seconds, also called a minute.
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getting error: "no response from master list"
lol homiee,

you must activate the favorite list ;)
fietser dont have a new masterserver
but a list as favourites only laid out

ok thanks man :D
not entirely true. at the moment there is a test server running and 6 server (1.0 and 1.4) are on it. for servers they need to add seta sv_master2 ""
clients need to replace their wolfmp.exe.
it's all very fresh though. :p
you can also use qtracker
if it had a bot filter that would be awesome
I've also made some online lists, see 1st post.
You can now set a new working master server:
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