Need a clan.

Need an active Europe 6on6 clan.
I'm able to play FieldOps/Medic and the rifle a bit. It would be nice if YOUR clan is stable and consists of skilled players, because I want to improve. :-) In addition, I should know at least someone of your team. :)

pm me here at crossfire or at irc (/pm velerion-mjo)

e: Your clan should speak english @ ts/vent .
Take him, high gamesense, decent aim, friendly, talks on comms and is a great guy!
gl schmoe erling
if its TEH mjo, then im speechless that hes not taken yet
mjo fragmovie ftwzz
mojo oder was : ) gl
gl m0nst3r
findest schon was , du tier du : D

gl mojo
its teh damage-factory himself! get him while hes warm1!! best mate on earth ;D

go get em tiger!
edit > #team-jote n00b! gL mojo, a great play0r and a vewwyy nice guy. :]
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