hejbb/demenes busted

just played this faggot, instant mad mode after few mins cause of this fucking 57 acc homo^^.. well see what i found image: 1327442934-1846122698

screenshot: http://tz-ac.com/screenshot.php?id=4330235
tzac: http://tz-ac.com/profile.php?id=30692

e: the guy he played with was kml http://tz-ac.com/profile.php?id=1504 dont know if he cheated too

hf bb
hes not behind wall

who the fuck cares u fucking fag :/
zügle deine wörter min jong!

e: I DO!
you can't change your settings in game.. silly boys :P

e: lol ncv_aimbot 360 :DDD he knows a lot about cheat$
LOL fuckin cunt I played him to knew he was cheating I egod :)
Quite high value's hes using
ban request
yesterday played a random med 3n3. rolled them 1st map. one of them with semi old tzac guid ~10/20k? disconenct during map, comming back 5 mins later, changed name on server (tho he connected with the same nick as he played with before), used a new tzac account - 10days old. suddenly he knew where we were and shot funny 3hs on 2nd map. still they got rolled.
u talk about team adm ?
I got only 11 days tzac now aka DOOPPI
HOLY COW, what a coincidence!
that u whine that some guy that plays 10 days back ET rolls u ?
this game is way too big to learn in 10 days, my friend
He played 2.55 for years and was busted like 20-30 times, maybe even more
needless to say, he's shit
you didn't even need to say he is shit. shit like this is implied.
showe me my 20-30 bust please show me
I played before but quited for more then 8 months when there whas SLAC
Holy cow xD
y u so mad :{DDDDDDD
why shall i be ? they were hardly able to repair the tank on grush while we were randoming around as coverts and fops :O)
im rather mad about on just having 5hours left for sleeping. and not about random 3n3 :~D
and it whas other 1 that disconnect I replaced him
I wonder how mr C will get any sponsor if he shows his a-cheat works so shit
cant believe there are still people who dont know how tzac works...

Q: How do I know who is cheating on server?
You don't. TZAC uses silent detections, meaning cheaters are caught, but banned later. Sometimes they'll be banned the same day, sometimes a week later, sometimes a month later. Depends from case to case and the amount of caught people. If a caught cheater will change the progress of a running tournament, such bans will take priority and may be exceptions (thus being applied and user being banned sooner than others caught on public servers).
i know how this ANTICHEAT works and thats why i think its the shittiest anticheat ever without someone who manual ban all the busted people

40 etbot detected in last 22days (and its an old hack not a "new" ones)
0 bans

no support = tzac < PB because at least pb could detect that etbot and kick the people
I agree on the old bot part
But tzac is in no way worse than pb.
pb would take up all the system resources it could find just to ban cheats released in 2009
it doesnt support et anymore
i know that but at the moment any no brainer can get an old etbot and cheat without too many problems. Chap could atleast set autokick\ban on old and uber detected bots
not that this would prove anything, right..
In this case it does, entered commands apear to be accepted and are marked blue
just like r_picmip2 and similar..
which is now relic vars in the game engine
you are right, was bad example. kik_aim would be better?
its really easy to get any command to look like this in console
That is very true, although known cheat commands has been bannable for a long time in most anticheats I can think of.

I guess that this is some new bot though, since the prefix "ncv_" have turned up so often during the recent week/s.
Are they bannable? After all those kik_aim affairs I thought that people wont pay much attention to them anymore.
Maybe someone just rewrote code, so instead of zz_ or what was that prefix it hax with ncv, so it would become "tzac proof hax". Would be awesome logic.
Anyway, laughed at ncv_aimbetter. Who the hell would hax if he wouldnt want to aim better?!
so stupid...
sup with flag speculow mate :<
im using aimfov 1500
Already banned @ ESL, for 10 years. :)

Since I've made a blacklist, we're able to track all the banned cheaters on ESL... :>
Hi . yesterday they played versus me too , and i have a screenshot when he and hes friends have the same 57&60 ACC.
When i habe time im upload this screen.

Good job Fujii
so u can see in the future? you know that u will play against him and his friend, you know his acc already and you know you make a screenshot tomorrow?

holy shit, u so crazy
it would be easier to say that , I made a mistake?

gtfo nolife.
quite a lot cheaters recently?
nice to see our anticheat working
nie ladnie tak kml :(
ban request entered
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